Integrating Technology and Teaching

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Assignment #2

b. Technology Outcomes Blog Post

): please identify one SPECIFIC technology outcome that related to using PowerPoint as a tool in the classroom and give an example of how you could incorporate that outcome into your classroom.

Related (specific) Technology Outcome being integrated: P3 3.2
Create multimedia presentations that incorporate meaningful graphics audio video and text gathered from remote sources

Subject: Social Studies

Grade: 9

Description: (write a clear and well written one paragraph description of how you could use PowerPoint to meet this technology outcome.)

The students will work in groups of three to create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 15 minutes to combine images, video, and a brief organized outline of a description of the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the residents, and the city of New Orleans. Please create a descriptive chronicle and be aware of how the videos and pictures and sounds increase the impact and empathy of the viewer. Students should brainstorm different types of damage and consequences. Organise your list and videos and images on the categories as follows: students, families, the elderly, businesses, infrastructure components like roads, sewer, water, electricity and social and support services like fire departments, police, hospitals, libraries, schools. Please gather video clips and pictures from websites that are listed under CNN or ABC only, using Google.


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Hi David
Module 2 is fine and on time.


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