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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

The title is a metaphor that is probably a cliche by now. I know a lot of what I read will get on me, and hopefully some will go in, to quench my thirst, if only a little at first.

I have just about finished reviewing the total of all Dale's recommended readings and viewing the video and checking out the other blogging links. The one risk I feel most acutely is the overload of information. As a returning student I am dealing with the frustration of not being able to read as quickly as I need to, absorb the content, and not be intimidated by the sheer volume of material to work through.

As well some students may not deal well with the opportunity to publish to an infinite audience. The opportunity to make a big splash might be overwhelming, and the consequences to the student not well understood, of putting inappropriate, illegal, offensive, or otherwise objectionable content on a blog. To that end I religiously reread and spellcheck, but I look forward to getting past these early jitters and on to the real blog world.

As educators we need to use a method of encouraging willing participation, free from physical barriers, for students to write and read their and their fellow student's thoughts, musings and interests. The process is all very human, and incredibly ubiquitous now. It taps into the bias that most young students already have to email, or surf the net, building on the experience by making the interaction a dialogue. Most of the students I know including my 10 year old (his name is John and the picture is of he and I on Mt. Rundle by Banff, with our dog, Taffy, and Ha Ling Peak in the background) readily explore spots on the internet and have used technology in many forms without hesitation since they were very young. John was doing basic computer games when he was 3. His favourite site right now is without a doubt the Lego website. He gobbles up the StarWars videos and examines the latest sets in minute detail. Talk about learning! He has a Christmas wishlist a mile long.

I can see the progression of learning the concept through reading some other peoples blogs, to creating my own works well. I hope I have given you something worthwhile to ponder.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Hi Dave:
A great beginning!
If you edit your profile, you will see a place where you can give the URL for a photo. But this requires that you have a photo stored on a webpage.

Hope this helps a little. Your are right. There is so much to learn.



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