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Monday, October 03, 2005

Module Number 3

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Title of Activity: The Double Entry Accounting System

Reference Section:

Harvard Business Online, retrieved 10/3/05 6:38:27 PM
use HARVARD ONLINE link at side column.

Grade Level: 10
CTS Program of studies Introductory Module Service Business 1 Course FIN1020
use Fin 1020 link at side to view actual Alberta Education Program of Studies
GLO and SLO refered to.

Subject: CTS

Brief Description of Activity:

The student will be able to go to the above reference section and do the exercise contained in the excel spreadsheet doubleentry.xls, after registering with his/her email address and name of school. After completing the exercise the student will submit the completed spreadsheet to the professor by email, and may survey other tools at the aforementioned website.

General Learner Outcome:
• Students are introduced to the accounting cycle. They establish a set of books and record business transactions. Students are also introduced to terminology unique to financial accounting.

Specific Learner Outcomes:
• The student should describe the theory of the double entry accounting system, and analyze business transactions.

ICT Outcomes:C6.4.1, 4.2, 4.4 Investigate, solve problems of prediction, calculation, inference, organization and manipulation of information.
Generate new understandings of problematic situations by using some form of technology to facilitate the process
P2.4.1 manipulate and present data through the selection of appropriate tools, such as scientific instrumentation, calculators, databases and or spreadsheets.

Rationale for Computer Integration:

Provides an accurate easy to use tool that shows how the double entry system balances, step by step, and provides for easy convenient practice for the student, in a form that is easily evaluated after email submission to the teacher.


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